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For the launch of Amazing War Stories, I am going to run an Airship Over the Ardennes game at Historicon 2006. This is the second day or progress. (Click on any of the images for a larger version.)

Today was spent adding the canvas to the gas bag frame. I purchased some white glue and a spray bottle to help speed this along. However, I had wanted a bottle that "misted" and instead got one that sprayed a strong stream. The first time I went to spray, my white glue and water mixture (about 25% water and 75% glue) ricocheted off the papertowel and acros the table. I then unscrewed the nozzle and was able to dribble it out but the lack of a fine mist seriously slowed me dwon today. The discolored patches on the paper towel in the image to the right show thhe areas where the glue is currently drying.

You'll also notice two white protrusions on the front part of the frame. I needed a stand to rest the frame on when the ship is being used. The two pieces (plus two more for the back) are door stops. When turned right-side-up, the ship will rest on the doorstops.

Finally, I drilled five small holes in the front part of the MDF board and looped some wire around the nose cone part of the bag and ran it through the holes. I used a pair of pliers to pull it tight.

While the first batch of glue was drying on the bag. I glued the two pieces of pink insulation foam together and I painted the top part of the platform a dark gray. I will be adding deck plating to the whole ship, but I needed to put a gray base down since I was not going to be putting plating over the launch area. The launch area has a piece of window screening laid down on it (eventually it will be glued in place) to show the launch area. The screen will be painted a metal looking color. The area at the back of the launnch area will include the control tower and barracks area.

While the paint on this was drying, I started work on some more of the side engines. You can see pictures of the three additional ones below. For these three, I simply put the elbow joint on the plug and then squirted hot glue into the opening, letting it settle in alarge pool at the point where the two pieces meet.

Finally,below, two more shots from the days work. The first shows my future crew for the the Storm Eagle. Unpainted right now, they will look respendant in their black uniforms. Theyy are based on wooden discs that cost about 10 to 20 cents each and I buy them in a bag of other wooden discs at the local crafts shop. There are thre sizes, this is the middle size.

The other picture shows the platform and gas bag together. I just did that because I like seeing as though some progress has been made. Sometimes, these terrain projects take so long, with waiting for glue or paint to dry that it feels like they'll never be done on time. That's also why I try and have multiple things to work on while I wait for one thing. Hopefully, tomorrow night I will spend some more time and get the gas bag done and if I have to wait for glue to dry, I'll prime the figures that need to get primed.


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