die Sturmadler

For the launch of Amazing War Stories, I am going to run an Airship Over the Ardennes game at Historicon 2006. This is the third installment of my progress. (Click on any of the images for a larger version.)

With time running out, when I started work today, I was determined to get the gas bag completely covered by my paper towel canvas. And that meant drastic measures. I filled a bottle with 50% water and 50% white PVA glue and then poured the whole thing into a small bucket (you can see the bucket in the picture at the left). I then took sheets of paper towel and soaked them in the bucket. I carefully rung each one out of excess watery-glue and placed it onto the chicken wire frame. This process moved far quicker for getting the towel down and I was to find out later, that after it dried, though not as hard as the previous method, it could have additional glue brushed on later without the paper towel shifting all around.

Now I had to get started on the more important part of der Sturmadler because that would be the area where the game would take place. So, I began cutting matte board to make the armor plates for the side. These were cut in long strips and then scored to make the indivdual plates. I was going to go with individual plates but could find no compelling reason to do them that way. They just needed to give the illusion of individual pieces and the long strips were much easier to glue on.

I also began work on the building that would be at the back of the airship. This structure can be seen on the right, If you look closely, you'll see a 28mm figure at the left hand corner of the building and that should give some idea of size. The structure is made from black foamcore and the "garage" door on the right of the structure is a piece of corrugated cardboard. The tower on there will lead to the control room which is in the picture below. The roof will not be affixed so that it can come off and players can move figures around inside. This will be important for the game as many of the German soldiers will start indoors when the Allied Rocket Troops arrive.

The control room at the left will sit atop the tower and will have just one way in, through the tower below it. Each of the windows will have a blister pack for the glass portion. On top will be a dome for another spotter who watches the skies above the airship. That's Field Marshall Kluge in the window of the control room just to give you an idea of the scale for that portion. A wall splits the control room in half with the ladder from the tower coming up in the back portion.

You can also see in the picture above-right, one of the side engines has been mounted. There will be two side propellers and two in the rear. I have a close up of the attacjhment below. It's a simple wooden dowel, hot glued inside the PVC elbow and then the dowel is inserted through a hole in the matte board into the foam. This will allow me to remove the engines during transport to make it easier to store. That's it for this installment, hopefully more next weekend with more detailed stuff to show.


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